Michelle Obama starring in a kids’ cooking show? Really? The only person I can imagine being less suited to teaching kids to cook is Jeffrey Dahmer. But, sure enough, Michelle Obama is guest starring on Master Chef Junior next season.

After wrecking America’s school lunch program, turning it into a starvation menu of jail food, Ms. Hussein may be feeling the need to redeem herself with the generation that needs the most calories, our growing youngsters. In a Powdered Wig article from February, 2015, we compared Michelle’s school lunches to school lunches from other nations.

Reinforcing the jail food theme, Martha Stewart will also be a guest star on the show. Perhaps Bernie Madoff and OJ Simpson can be worked into the schedule.

Michelle has appeared on several cooking shows in the past, so this is not new to her, and who knows where it could lead. She could be a big hit and want to air a cooking show of her own. With that in mind, we at Powdered Wig are considering a proper name for Michelle’s cooking show. Take our poll below to help us decide what to call Michelle’s show or provide your own answer.

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 H/T Inlet Marsh

From Motto
Former First Lady Michelle Obama will be a guest star on the upcoming season of Gordon Ramsay’s hit show MasterChef Junior, according to the Los Angeles Times.

In addition to Obama, a string of famous chefs and celebrities will also make an appearance on the show, including Martha Stewart and the Muppets.

This isn’t Obama’s first foray into cooking shows. Last year, Obama filmed an episode of Barefoot Contessa with host Ina Garten at the White House.

Obama served as an outspoken advocate for healthy eating throughout her tenure in the White House, namely with her establishment of the Let’s Move! campaign. Her “Turnip for what?” vine became a viral sensation as she urged kids to embrace and enjoy their fruits and veggies. In 2015, she vowed to “fight back” against ads for unhealthy foods, especially in school lunches.

While the former First Lady is used to some spectacular cooking, MasterChef Junior contestants bring it up to a whole new caliber. Ramsay called the newest batch of contestants “bloody good,” so it looks like the young chefs are about to turnip the heat in the kitchen.

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Correction: The original version of this story misstated Michelle Obama’s upcoming role on MasterChef Junior. She will be a guest star, not a guest judge.