Katie Lowes is an actress, who, frankly, I have never heard of. She plays a role on the television drama, “Scandal,” which, likewise, I have never heard of, that airs on ABC, which explains why I have never heard of it or her. I watch no network television at all. In fact, I watch very little television of any kind at all. An occasional college football game is my only use for a television, and actually, I have been watching more football on my computer monitor lately than on television. I used to watch Fox News. In fact, I was a Foxaholic, but Megyn Kelly ended that relationship on August 6, 2015 when she showed her ass and her bitter hatred for Donald Trump at the first GOP presidential debate.

Not only is Ms. Lowes a presumably accomplished TV actress, she is also pregnant, soon to give birth to a baby boy. I offer my heartfelt congratulations to the Lowes family.

Perfectly in tune with fellow pinheads who populate Hollywood, Ms. Lowes understands that her pride and joy “will be born with male parts,” but admits that she and hubby “have no idea what he will identify as.”

Dear Lowes family: With parents like you, I can tell you how your son will identify. Totally fucked up! THAT is how Junior will almost certainly identify. Why do those of you in the entitled echo chamber glass bubble of Hollywood insist upon changing

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With parents like you, I can tell you how your son will identify. Totally fucked up! THAT is how Junior will almost certainly identify. Why do those of you in the entitled echo chamber glass bubble cesspool we call Hollywood insist upon changing everything? Can’t you simply let the little guy grow up healthy and happy without putting junk in his head, like, “Junior, it is OK if you want to wear a dress and kiss other boys.”

Why not buy him a football or a basketball when he starts walking? If he rejects those, so be it, but give the poor guy a chance to be a red-blooded, heterosexual American male. If he decides to go another route on his own, then you did your parental duty.

This may be news to you, but 96% of boys born in America identify as heterosexuals, not gay, not transgender, not left-handed queer Martian, not hybrid anything, just goat-horny heterosexual males who love, admire, and respect women, and who desire to be with them in romantic settings.

God had this all planned a long time ago, so you needn’t fret over it. Odds are 96 to 1 that Junior is going to be a healthy, happy, normal, heterosexual boy…. if you let him. Should you put perverted ideas in his head or try to steer him in any direction other than that, then he is most certainly, as mentioned above, going to identify as “totally fucked up.”

Just trying to help. Really.

From The Washington Times

Well, that’s quite the new spin on “I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl, as long as the baby is healthy.”

Actress Katie Lowes, who plays Quinn Perkins on the ABC drama “Scandal,” recently told a mothering magazine that while she knows the sex of her unborn baby, she does not know what gender identity he will affirm nor if he will be gay or straight, People reported Wednesday.

“My husband [fellow actor Adam Shapiro] and I are aware, of course, that our son will be born with male parts. But we have no idea what he will identify as or what his sexual orientation will be,” Miss Lowes told Fit Pregnancy and Baby for the magazine’s October cover story. “I wish, now more than ever, to just please let my son be healthy and happy and safe. That’s all that matters.”

A first-time mom, the 35-year-old Miss Lowes said she felt comfortable planning her pregnancy around her employment, praising her friend and series star Kerry Washington and the show’s creator Shonda Rimes, People reported.

“I wanted to have mine while I was on ‘Scandal.’ Kerry Washington is one of my best friends, and I’ve gotten to watch her go through motherhood,” Miss Lowes said. “I also have the greatest female boss in Shonda Rhimes, who is a mother of three and a huge advocate for women. I knew if I was fortunate enough to get pregnant while working on the show, I would feel nothing but support.”