The University of Maryland is following the lead of other lawless universities across America by violating federal immigration law, not only providing sanctuary for illegal aliens but creating an administration position to actively protect and assist them.

President Trump should immediately deny all federal funding to these universities including federal financial aid – Pell grants, other grants, scholarships and federal loan programs. Then, ONLY the students academics hate, those from middle and upper-class families will be able to afford the tuition at their liberal joke of an institution of higher learning.

This “thumbing of the nose” that liberal weenies are undertaking, believing that they are right and just in their actions is not only illegal but dangerous. It is akin to private citizens declaring that they are not going to pay taxes. “Let others pay taxes, we will not,” or refusing to obey red lights, believing they have a perfect moral justification for doing so. Barack Hussein created this environment of conditioned anarchy. It is NOT resistance, it is lawlessness!

Amid student coalition demands and strengthened immigration policies under President Trump’s administration, the University of Maryland is creating an undocumented student coordinator position, reports University of Maryland’s student newspaper, The Diamondback.

“As part of the university’s ongoing commitment to undocumented students … We are assigning a UMD staff person to serve as a coordinator to address the immediate needs of the undocumented student population,” university spokeswoman Katie Lawson wrote in a statement to The Diamondback on Monday. “We will continue to assess the need for staff support moving forward.”

 Lawson noted that this university is also formalizing an undocumented student work group that “relies on expertise from units across campus,” and is providing web resources to ensure the latest applicable information for these students is available.

Last semester, ProtectUMD issued 64 demands to this university’s administration. Ten of those demands directly concerned undocumented students at this university, including a demand for “a full-time Undocumented Student Coordinator to advocate for, advise, represent, and protect undocumented and DACAmented students.”

There are 113 students as of fall 2016 covered under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a program that allows undocumented youth who qualify to stay in the U.S. to work and study in two-year increments.

While Trump’s administration announced on Feb. 21 that the DACA program will remain intact, it is stepping up its immigration enforcement and deportation efforts. Department of Homeland Security memos from last month stated that undocumented immigrants convicted of any crime can be deported, and that there are no exceptions to the deportation proceedings.

Some university students took to social media to announce the new coordinator position Sunday night, expressing their pride and excitement.

“UMD will officially have an Undocumented Student Coordinator!!!” wrote Karla Casique, this university’s American Indian Student Union president, on Twitter. “student power is REAL–thank u to staff as well! La lucha continues.”

Other schools such as Georgetown University and the University of Illinois — also a Big Ten school — already have undocumented student coordinators, or have given staff members a similar position.

ProtectUMD last semester also asked this university to become a recognized sanctuary campus, form an undocumented student resource office and hire a full-time immigration attorney for the Offices of Undergraduate and Graduate Student Legal Aid.

While the Multicultural Involvement & Community Advocacy office and the Asian American studies department have collaborated to provide more resources and created a website for the undocumented community in December, there is still no designated office for aiding undocumented students. The International Student and Scholar Services office has been offering similar services, as well as executive order updates and travel assistance.

In January, university President Wallace Loh sent an email responding to ProtectUMD’s demands and called a formal sanctuary campus status “unnecessary,” as this university already follows sanctuary campus policies despite not holding a designation. A sanctuary campus means the administration will not volunteer information on undocumented students to the federal government unless required to by law.