Fox News’ Lou Dobbs, my favorite TV personality, was joined by acclaimed presidential historian Doug Wead to discuss the current phenomenon of the extraordinary left/deep state effort to destroy President Trump. Even though allegation after allegation is debunked, the left and its official communications division, the mainstream media, continue recharging old, debunked, discredited

Even though allegation after allegation has been debunked, the left and its official communications division, the mainstream media, continue recharging old, debunked, discredited lies accusations for which there was never a shred of evidence (Russian collusion fairy tale, tax returns, yada, yada) and invent new ones like obstruction of justice for firing James Comey, which was not only well within his legal and moral authority, but also very necessary considering the shady, perhaps illegal activities of Comey which have recently come to light.

There is no question that the left and deep state are conspiring to destroy President Trump, who We the People elected to drain the swamp of those very creatures, who are brazenly telling us that they don’t care what We the People want. They will shove their corruption down our throats and we had better get used to it. Their view of America is not as a democracy, but as 330 million sheep they can control as they see fit. The Democrat Party and deep state are evil parasites, all!

Wead begins his description of the anti-Trump zealots on the left and in the deep state (pardon my redundance) by rightly declaring, “We’ve got very skilled, talented professionals. They’ve overthrown governments in Vietnam and in the Philippines, and in Iraq and Iran, in Egypt, and in the Ukraine. Duly elected democratic governments. They create what they called “popular uprisings.”

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Dobbs interrupts Wead to incredulously describe that this is not a banana republic we are talking about, this is the United States, and that Obama has remained in Washington and is leading the deep state effort to depose President Trump.

Wead continues, “What would we expect, though? That’s their skill set, these people that work, some of them in the State Department, some in intelligence, some in the media. They’ve worked together to overthrow other governments. It was inevitable they’d use the gun on ourselves. So here they go, let’s see if we can do this in America. It looks Like a coup d’état. I don’t know how else you can explain it.”

When Dobbs asks what President Trump should do to combat this coup d’état, Wead suggests, “I think what they have to do is something you hit on earlier, and that’s to go after Loretta Lynch and to go after some of the Democrats. If we go after them for things they’ve really done, maybe they’ll stop persecuting Trump for things he hasn’t done.”

I agree 100%! As long as Comey and Lynch and Barack Hussein and the Clintons and all the other swamp creatures are allowed to flaunt their open sedition with impunity, this anti-American atmosphere that has now led to the attempted mass murder of Republican representatives in Congress, will only continue and worsen.