This is, without question, the single funniest video I have seen this year. Heck, for the past five years!

This comes to us from Ted Nugent’s facebook page, and involves a gun control debate between Hitlery and Bernie.

Everyone knows what a champion of the Second Amendment Ted Nugent is, and what brain-dead advocates of destroying the Second Amendment liberals are.

Keep in mind, this is satire, folks. It didn’t REALLY happen. It is a joke! I have to mention that because I will certainly receive some weird mail telling me that the video is fake, and how much Hitlery and Bernie love each other. You know what a sense of humor liberals have. They will certainly be crawling out of their holes to bash me for publishing fake stuff. My reply? GFY!

Enjoy this year’s funniest video. Blow it up full screen for the best effect. Without saying a word, Bernie absolutely kills Hitlery in this debate, and does the country a great public service!….