Photo, above: Armed guard in a Venezuelan grocery store

What kind of brain-dead moron do you have to be to vote for Bernie Sanders, believing that socialism is the answer?

Bernie has never had a job. He has been a career government parasite for decades.

The obvious concern is that these morons of which I speak enjoy the privilege to vote, just like you and I.

To those morons I offer this video, filmed in the socialist utopia of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez’s utopian dream world.

An oil rich country in Hugo’s day, Venezuela’s future was bright. Crude prices were sky high and everyone was living large.

Then came horizontal drilling and fracking technology which made the great Satan’s domestic oil fields profitable again. Crude prices plummeted, Hugo croaked, and Venezuela went broke.

Now long lines to get into grocery stores to claim your ration of food are common, food shortages even more common, rioting not uncommon, and theft of food very common.

Check out the video, below, of Venezuelans stealing live chickens off a truck to keep from starving to death.

Please pay close attention, Bernites. This is not a joke. It is real, and it can and will happen to you and those you love if you elect a total incompetent like Bernie Sanders.

You’ve been warned.