Fresh off inspiring a whacked out liberal Democrat to attempt mass assassination of Republican congressmen, Crazy Uncle Bernie and his favorite squaw Fauxcahontas joined forces to answer questions from morons.

Bernie was all about more involvement from morons in the political process in unprecedented ways, which I suppose does not involve mass assassination of Republicans since that is precedented.

Unfortunately, all the liberal weenie questions couldn’t be answered on air. Following are a few of those questions. Crazy Uncle Bernie’s answers are unavailable. Fauxcahontas remained silent while weaving a basket.

  1. Squeaky, from an undisclosed bunker, wanted to know if hollow points are considered unethical.
  2. Grandson of Sam wanted to know the best unsecured location to find groups of Republicans outside the beltway.
  3. A Mr. Hinckley called in but only breathed loudly over the phone.
  4. Sean Penn wanted to know who was the greatest lead guitarist of the 20th Century, and reminded Crazy Uncle Bernie, “Don’t give me any crap, I know El Chapo.”
    (Of course, 1 through 4, above, are satire, so save your nasty emails, liberal weenies)

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