Kris “Tanto” Paranto, one of the heroes of the Benghazi massacre, is leading an effort to educate America on the very real danger we face in not confronting radical Islam.

“My career, and my recent experience in Benghazi in particular, has allowed me to really know and understand the threat of radical Islam. And now, as Chairman of Leading from the Front, I’m working to put that experience to use.

The fact is, our politicians have failed us, and I’ve stepped up because I think it’s time that men and women like me begin to play a larger role. And a big part of that role means speaking up and helping to keep the American public well-informed.

On that note, I encourage you to watch Hannity tonight on Fox News at 10pm ET.

He is hosting an hour-long townhall meeting with Donald Trump live from Milwaukee to discuss ISIS and radical Islam — and I’ll be there to weigh in live. I’m grateful to Sean for including me and I hope I can really add to the conversation.

I never thought that my experience in Benghazi would give me this kind of national platform, but it has, and I now it’s time to lead a real conversation about what we must do to keep our nation and our families safe.”

Check out Kris’s site here…. Leading from the Front