By Thomas Madison

Was it simple incompetence or criminal corruption that took the lives of four American heroes in Benghazi, as our Secretary of State and White House officials watched them die on television?

Barack Hussein and/or Hitlery Clinton could have authorized immediate help…. but didn’t! All attempts to help were ordered to “stand down.” Whether it is incompetence or criminal corruption, it difficult to believe that one of these two is president, and the other is the leading Democrat candidate for president. May God help us from those stupid enough to vote for either of these two.

It is reported that Barack Hussein was nowhere to be found, and rumored that he was in the White House living quarters during the attack with his personal assistant, Reggie Love.

One thing is certain, help for Ambassador Stevens and his staff was not coming. All attempts to scramble jets and deploy rapid reaction forces to assist in the battle were thwarted. Beyond shameful!

It looks like a very well done movie. The shame is that this is not Hollywood fiction. This REALLY happened.

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