From Thomas Madison

I haven’t watched Megyn Kelly since her shameless ambush of Donald Trump on the night of the first GOP debate. However, this is a very good piece of investigative journalism, revealing yet another bombshell lie by Hitlery that she will again get away with if it is left up to the liberal media. Kudos to Megyn!

While the scumbag Hitlery sycophants in the liberal media are crowing about Hitlery’s dominating lies “theatrical performance,” it appears that she will be held completely unaccountable for yet another Benghazi lie. Never mind that she was proven yet again to be a liar. Never mind that the evidence against Hitlery is overwhelming. Her splendid theater (read lies) was all that mattered to the trash that passes for American media. So, that is the message that was broadcast by the liberal mainstream media. They are just as corrupt and complicit in the destruction of America as Barack Hussein and Hitlery!

The newest smoking gun came from a conference call Hitlery made with the Egyptian Prime Minister the day after the Benghazi massacre. Hitlery’s words: “We know that the attack in Libya¬†had nothing to do with the film. It was a planned attack – not a protest.”

On the same day Hitlery was telling the world that the video was responsible for the massacre in Benghazi. The same lie was told by Jay Carney, Barack Hussein, Susan Rice, and others, even though they knew what they were saying was a lie.

Yet, the lamestream media is beside itself with Hitlery’s masterful theatrical performance. Shaking my head!