By Thomas Madison

Just when I thought CNN was taking a conservative tack to capture market share from Fox News (Megyn Kelly’s stupidity), they go and do something like this.

Pretending to be a pinheaded pundit, CNN Senior Legal “Analyst” (double meaning), Jeffrey Toobin, discusses with puffed-up windbag, Wolf Blitzer, what he considers the real cause of Chris Stevens’ death. Dr. Douche Nozzle explains, most indelicately, that Stevens was basically an idiot who took unnecessary chances with his own life and the lives of other Americans in Benghazi.

Never mind Stevens’ many well-documented requests for additional security, all of which were not only denied, but also a large part of the security force in place in Benghazi was removed by Hitlery and her corrupt and/or brain-dead goons. Never mind that Stevens was begging for security for months, absolutely helpless to provide his own, dependent on the Wicked Witch of Benghazi. Toobin is an absolute moron!

Between Hitlery and Ansar al-Sharia is a tough situation to find oneself in. Now she wants the brass ring so that the rest of us 300 million Americans will be subject to her cruelty and incompetence.