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Another day, another big win for America! President Trump reverses Barack Hussein’s oil exploration ban

Wringing their hands with glee, the mainstream is all abuzz regarding President Trump’s failure to repeal Obamacare in his first 100 days, as though he could control Congress.

Saturday’s March for Science, sold as a non-partisan event, was a big,fat lie, just another anti-Trump protest complete with pink vagina hats

A group of tree-hugging snowflakes claiming to be non-partisan, a claim belied by the number of anti-Trump signs in the crowd and the many pink vagina hats, marched on Washington on Saturday singing the blues.

Trump intevention results in the release of a grateful American held prisoner in Egypt for three years

Beautiful! Well done, Mr. President. The most striking thing about this report is that it comes from The Washington Post, not exactly the most pro-Trump publication, historically. An Egyptian American charity worker who was imprisoned in Cairo for three years and […]

VIDEO: Chaos in Berkeley. Antifa attacks pro-Trumpers, who counterattack, chasing Antifa down the street

We all know how loving and tolerant and open and accepting of everyone liberals are, right? NOT! They only claim to be. They are really close-minded bigots.

Once kindred spirits, populist leaders worldwide are slamming Trump for attack on Assad

InfoWars editor Paul Joseph Watson said he was “officially OFF the Trump train.”

All you need to know about the attack on Assad: Schumer and Pelosi are applauding it!

This is really all you need to know to determine if President Trump made the right move attacking Assad. By the way, Songbird McCain and Lindsey “Lightloafers” Graham have been singing the President’s praises also.

Can’t ice the Spice! Cool video of Sean Spicer blowing up a liberal weenie so-called journalist

Much like his boss, Spicer doesn’t respond well to liberal weenies constantly bringing up the same media trash for which there was never any evidence, namely the whole Russian collusion fable, which Ryan simply can’t let go.

In solidarity with their boss, the White House staff is skipping the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Were the President in attendance, the event would certainly be a running invectivefest, each speaker taking a turn to poke President Trump in the eye.

Now we’re talking! Trump considering selling mineral rights to pay off debt. As Powdered Wig reported two years ago, this will work!

If we simply sell the mineral rights to much of that land, leaving the land intact for American citizens to enjoy, or sell the land too, there is a tremendous bonanza that belongs to Mom and Pop America.

Career parasite Chuck Schumer blows a gasket, screaming at Trump supporter at swank New York restaurant

While enjoying a nice dinner, paid for by We the People, at a swank Manhattan Italian restaurant, career parasite Chuck Schumer began screaming at a woman for voting for President Trump.

VIDEO: And you thought there were only brain-dead elitists in Hollywood. Check out this rocking pro-Trump street party!

H/T Joe LaVeque It may be the professional Hollyweird liars (after all they are paid big money to convince they are someone they are not) who get all the ink in the press and whose smug mugs are all over […]

Rinocare’s crash and burn may be a brilliant stroke by President Trump. Art of the Deal, indeed!

Did President Trump envision this, giving Rino enough rope to hang himself? Brilliant move if he did. That would place the momentum squarely in the President’s hands and force both Republicans and Democrats….

Trump vindicated! Devin Nunes: “There was some level of surveillance activity…. I don’t think the American people would be comfortable with”

President Trump is vindicated! There was indeed surveillance of his campaign committed by the administration of then Demon-in-Chief Barack Hussein.

VIDEO: Rand Paul declares “we know one thing for sure,” Obama’s intel spied on the Trump campaign staff

It appears that the method used to spy on Trump’s campaign staff was to monitor his staff’s conversations and when something that could be used to implicate a staff member was found, design a legal route to justify it.

VIDEO: WH press briefing, all about Trump/Russia collusion. Sean Spicer smacks down ABC’s Jonathan Karl

UPDATE: President Trump had Russian dressing on his salad last night. The obvious collusion is getting deeper!

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