New study reports Trump’s media coverage his first month in office. Guess the percentage that is hostile. Mind blowing!

However, for Donald Trump’s first month in office, the media coverage was brutal. Researching and documenting the coverage by the Alphabet Network Club (ABC, NBC, and CBS), the Media Research Center concluded….

Ex-staffer for Hitlery Clinton and Barack Hussein gets fired after he slams Navy SEAL widow who was so distraught last night at President Trump’s address to Congress

Not only is this worthless POS a clear hater of America and those who defend her, he is also a former staffer of Hitlery Clinton and Barack Hussein (go figure).

VIDEO: No joke! Democrat women wear white to the President’s address as a symbol of purity. Bwaaaahaaaahaaaahaaaaa!

These are the women who believe that butchering a baby is a perfectly moral solution to spreading your legs for a total stranger and never seeing him again.

VIDEO: Clearly the most touching few minutes of President Trump’s first address to Congress

President Trump’s first address before Congress was astounding, portraying a man who has grown into the role in a hurry and done it very well.

BOOM! President Trump keeps another campaign promise regarding defense

As promised, President Trump is delivering on defense spending and national security, spiking the 2018 defense budget dramatically.

The White House Correspondents Assoc Dinner is a time for fun between the press and the prez. Not this prez. He sends the MSM a big ‘FU, I won’t be there!’

Sick of the abuse and fake news attacks coming from the mainstream media, President Trump tells the White House Correspondents Association to pound sand. They can eat alone.

VIDEO: Is President Trump sane?

Mind you, neither Lincoln nor Churchill nor Gandhi led a nation after becoming a business sensation and television star. That trifecta defines one man: President Donald J. Trump.

BOMBSHELL VIDEO! White House leaker has been discovered!

The White House leaker who has been passing sensitive information to The Washington Fake News Post, The New York Fake News Times, and other purveyors of fake news, has been revealed.

Recipe for disaster: Mix money from demons like George Soros with half-brained snowflakes, stir briskly, and you get this!….

Protesters in cities across the country took to the streets on Monday for “Not My President’s Day” rallies with a strong anti-Trump message.

Fake news alert! VIDEO: Regarding President Trump’s Sweden comment, the left and MSM are lying and Trump is right!

The left and its official spokesmen, the mouth-breathing morons in the mainstream media, have been hyperventilating over a comment President Trump made regarding Sweden.

VIDEO: On “A Day Without Immigrants,” which was hardly noticeable, President Trump saved America’s coal industry

The contrast between America’s patriots and Snowflakes was never greater than February 16, 2017, a day when illegal immigrants refused to work, believing it would bring the country to a standstill. It didn’t.

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