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Alaska GOP considering throwing Lisa Murkowski out of the party for her ‘no’ vote on Kavanaugh. Palin thinking of running for the seat in 2022

Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock says the committee could decide to issue a statement. Or he says it could withdraw support of Murkowski, encourage party officials to look for a replacement and ask that she not seek re-election as a Republican.

Sarah Palin is suing the New York Fake News Times for what else? Fake news!

Finally, someone is challenging the fake news mainstream media in court for lying. May Sarah Palin bankrupt the corrupt liberal mouthpiece, The New York Fake News Times!

Look who was hanging out at the White House this week. Photo gallery….

President Trump invited Sarah Palin to the White House for dinner. She asked if she could bring a couple of friends.

Sarah Palin to Donald Trump: Get the US out of the UN and get the UN out of the US

Nearly as politically incorrect as Donald Trump, Sarah Palin urged President-elect Trump Thursday to get out of the UN: It is time for the “U.S. to get the heck out of the UN and get the UN out of the U.S.”

Check out Sarah Palin’s blistering response to Canadian Cruz’s description of Trump supporters as “low information” and “not that engaged”

By Thomas Madison Canadian Cruz is a liar and a career parasite. He will say and do anything necessary to get his way, including insulting another yuuuuge group of Americans. Watch as Cruz goes for the trifecta, describing Donald Trump’s […]

Latest Reuters poll has Trump over 40% nationally, taking a commanding 30% lead over his nearest opponent, Ted Cruz, who registers at 10.5%

By Thomas Madison Many Trump critics (read Trump haters) have been attempting to downplay the Palin endorsement, calling her horrible names and claiming she has no loyal following, so the benefit of her endorsement of The Donald would be negligible. […]

Cruz is terrified over Trump’s big announcement in Ames, Iowa. Fears an endorsement from Sarah Palin. It’s official! Palin is endorsing The Donald!

By Thomas Madison UPDATE: I am watching the livestream of Trump’s Ames, Iowa appearance right now. You can see it at this link…. Trump in Ames. Hurry, Palin hasn’t taken the stage yet. If you see this post after the […]

The Trump Train is screaming into DC to stop the Iran nuke non-deal. On board are Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck

By Thomas Madison Ted Cruz organized an anti-Iran nuke deal rally in Washington. But then a funny thing happened. No one wanted to attend. The media gave the event no coverage, and the idea was on the fizzle. So, being […]

Donald Trump says he would “love” to have Sarah Palin in his cabinet! “She’s really a special person”

By Thomas Madison Out foxing his opponents again. While his fellow GOP presidential hopefuls have been busy slamming and/or copying The Donald to get attention, he is already announcing potential cabinet selections. In a Sarahcentric radio interview, Trump was asked […]

LOL! Sarah Palin, regarding GOP leadership: “It’s not just the New England Patriots who are dealing with deflated balls right now.”

Sarah Palin on New GOP Majority: ‘It’s Not Just the New England Patriots Who Are Dealing with Deflated Balls’ By Jason Howerton, The Blaze  LAS VEGAS — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin declined to speculate on a potential 2016 run […]

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