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“LOCK HER UP!” is still the mantra of swamp-drainers everywhere but not in regard to Hitlery Clinton

“She put Classified Passwords into the hands of foreign agents,” President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter. Remember sailors pictures on submarine? Jail! Deep State Justice Dept must finally act?”

BAD NEWS for Hitlery! The J word (JAIL!) could be in her future as early as June as DOJ opens a new investigation into her private server/classified emails

Expect an unbiased, honest investigation this time as it will not be headed by James Comey and the entire country will be watching the proceeding that will be analyzed and picked apart on a daily basis.

VIDEO: Hitlery Clinton has been offered a plea bargain by DOJ. No way! This woman is guilty of far too much!

I can’t believe she is being offered anything. She is guilty of so much. If ever there was a criminal who should have the book thrown at them, that would be Hitlery Clinton!

The FBI has reopened its investigation into Hitlery’s private server/classified email case. Here is why I believe it is happening and how I seeing it playing out

The FBI has reopened its investigation into the Wicked Witch of Benghazi’s use of a the private server and her criminally negligent handling of classified email, the scandal that refuses to die.

Iranian nuke scientist hung, likely fatality #1 in Hitlery’s server mess

The individual on the right was Shahram Amiri, an Iranian nuclear scientist who provided the US with information regarding Iran’s nuclear program. He was hung as a spy by Iran

“Gravely criminal.” That’s how Andrew McCarthy describes Hitlery’s email scandal. “Gravely” as in it is going to bury her miserable, criminal ass!

Hitlery is guilty. It is clear. And she is not guilty of negligence. She is guilty of willful wrongdoing. That means jail time!

Hitlery Clinton’s “everything” girl (and I mean everything!) has been deposed by the FBI and spilled the beans on the Wicked Witch of Benghazi

Our latest edition involves the FBI’s deposition of Hitlery’s faithful girl Friday, Huma Abedin, recently tied to terror groups herself.

VIDEO: Former intel chief and Delta Force commander says Hitlery “must be indicted” for crimes “punishable by jail time”

“What Hillary Clinton has done, I can tell you, it is… punishable by jail time. I think ultimately she’s going be indicted. She has to be. This cannot stand.”

State Department Inspector General report concludes that Hitlery did indeed violate State Department policy and federal law, making her ineligible to serve as president

A State Department Inspector General report, released May 26, 2016, concluded that Hitlery Clinton and her State Department inner circle clearly violated State Department regulations and federal standards (law)

BREAKING BOMBSHELL! Guess who has 20,000 of Hitlery’s Benghazi emails? Guess what he plans to do with them?

Hang onto your hats, folks, this is going to be a doozy of a ride all the way to the November presidential election.

Hitlery is DONE! So far, 1,340 classified emails have been discovered, some of them “beyond Top Secret,” says US intelligence official

By Thomas Madison Every time Hitlery Clinton wore that ugly orange pantsuit, I thought it looked like a prison uniform. Maybe I was thinking ahead. How this woman can be considered a legitimate candidate by the Democrats is beyond me. […]

Oops! Hitlery is officially changing her name to “Toast.” Intel review says two emails were Top Secret. FBI considering criminal charges

By Thomas Madison Hitlery Clinton is still the frontrunner in the Democrat 2016 presidential primary, even though she appears to be in some pretty serious hot water. Is she the only loser the Democrats can hang their hats on? It’s […]

Pucker time in Chappaqua! 7,000 new Hitlery emails released, 150 of which are classified

By Thomas Madison Released just minutes ago, a new batch of 7,000 Hillary Clinton emails is reported to contain approximately 150 classified communications that were sent from her unsecured private server. This is not good news for Hillary! Mark Toner, […]

Two government watchdogs reveal more inconsistencies (lies) in Hillary’s sham defense of her private email account and server

By Thomas Madison Oops! The walls are closing in on the wicked witch of Benghazi. Now that Hitlery has gracefully “accepted” (LOL!) a Congressional subpoena to testify before Trey Gowdy’s House Select Committee on Benghazi, government watchdogs are busy providing […]

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