By Thomas Madison

Released just minutes ago, a new batch of 7,000 Hillary Clinton emails is reported to contain approximately 150 classified communications that were sent from her unsecured private server. This is not good news for Hillary!

Mark Toner, State Department spokesman, briefed reporters on the newest batch release, stating that 150 of the emails “have been subsequently upgraded to classified,” emphasizing that “the information we’ve upgraded was not marked classified at the time the emails were sent.”

So, how will Hillary get out of this one? Clearly she is wrong (forgive the understatement). Members of the military are routinely court-martialed and jailed for mishandling classified material. I don’t see how any official communication from our chief foreign minister could be considered unclassified.

By all appearances Hitlery and friends are building a defense around the fact that the documents were not classified when they were sent. Trey Gowdy will rip that argument to shreds. The emails not being “marked” classified when they were sent does not mean they were not classified, as subsequent classification upgrading has proven. They were classified when they were sent. They were simply not marked classified.

Grab your favorite beverage and a bag of popcorn, folks, the Trey Gowdy Show is fixin’ to commence!