I back the blue as much as anyone, and yes, they have a tough job. So do a lot of people, especially our warriors in combat to whom cops so often compare themselves.

Our warriors have strict “Rules of Engagement” they must adhere to. Apparently, the only rules of engagement keeping cops from shooting any innocent person they want is…. well, there really don’t appear to be any. The victim need not have a gun, the cop need not see a gun. Any excuse at all for his “life being in imminent danger” is all the cop needs, which could include anything. In this case the man made a movement the cop didn’t like so he opened fire.

To begin with, the cop was a total asshole! He was giving unclear instructions. He was giving instructions that required the victim to temporarily violate previous instructions. The cop was screaming at the victim who he had no reason to believe was a dangerous killer, and he was proven to not be a dangerous killer.

Acting on a tip that someone, somewhere, somehow, thought they saw “a man” with a gun on the same floor as the victim gave the cops all the authority they needed to charge in, guns drawn and a hair trigger away from killing an innocent person.

The victim was completely subdued, face down on the floor, hands extended, palms down, legs crossed, in obedience to the officer’s instructions, who then began giving him all sorts of subsequent orders to crawl forward (ever try crawling forward with your arms extended, palms down and your legs crossed?). Then, totally confusing the victim, the cop screamed more contradictory orders at the top of his lungs.

Why not calmly interview the victim when he is in a completely subdued position face down on the floor, and why not do it without screaming? It would have taken about ten seconds to discover that the victim was a pest control worker with a pellet gun in his room for shooting squirrels or whatever.

But, no, let’s assume the guy is Jack the Ripper right off the bat.

Since cops have been routinely acquitted in shootings, the pendulum has swung waaaaaay too far in the opposite direction and this is only going to get worse. It is already a potentially terrifying experience being confronted by any cop. It is now going to be a whole lot worse.

This cop should have been convicted of negligent homicide at a minimum. That would make the next cop in a similar situation think twice. Now he doesn’t have to, just open fire.


From BizPac Review

Americans are horrified after seeing a video of Arizona cop Philip Brailsford fatally shooting unarmed Daniel Shaver in a hotel hallway as Shaver begs for his life.

“I’m sorry. Please do not shoot me,” Shaver, 26, sobbed shortly before his body gets riddled with bullets.

In the graphic viral video (see below), Brailsford is heard telling Shaver to lie on the ground without moving.

“Young man, you are not to move,” Brailsford instructs. “You are to put your eyes down, look down at the carpet. You are to keep your fingers interlaced behind your head, you are to keep your feet crossed.”

Shaver obeys, but is gunned down moments after he appears to move his hand. That’s when Brailsford opens fire at Shaver, whose dead body slumps over after being shot multiple times.

In January 2016, six police officers responded to a call at La Quinta Inn and Suites in Mesa, Arizona, after guests reported seeing a man with a gun in the window of a fifth-floor room.

No gun was found on Shaver’s dead body, but two air rifles were found in his room. Prosecutors said Shaver, a married father of two, used the pellet rifles as part of his job as a pest-control worker.

On December 8, a jury acquitted Philip Brailsford, 27, of second-degree murder after concluding that he reacted the way any other police officer would have under similar circumstances.

 daniel shaver children


At trial, Brailsford claimed he feared for his life and thought Shaver was reaching for a gun. His acquittal has angered many Americans, who felt the damning video proved he reacted with excessive force.

There were no protests or riots following Brailsford’s acquittal, perhaps because the victim was white. Shaver’s killing contradicts the liberal media narrative promoted by “activists” like Colin Kaepernick that police officers are racists who only target black men.

Daniel Shaver’s widow and parents have filed wrongful death lawsuits against the city of Mesa.

The following video is from a Florida cop’s body cam showing that he went well beyond what was necessary to prevent a shooting. He tried a tazer first, and his assailant continued his assault on the officer. On the ground with the assailant continuing his assault, the law enforcement officer had every right to fire, yet he didn’t. Another cop who arrived on the scene shot the assailant when he came charging to assault him also. Big difference in these two situations. I find it hard to believe that the Arizona cop was acquitted.