By Thomas Madison

Explaining in a very articulate and logical manner the difference between the attack on free speech by Muslims (and I emphasize “attack” because that’s what it is – violet, physical, deliberate attacks) and what one Muslim guest described as hate speech on the part of Geert Wilders, Alan Dershowitz was visibly frustrated attempting to explain the difference. That anyone could equate a European leader advocating, “No more Islam. No more mosques!” to bearded cockroaches cutting the heads off of innocent people, slaughtering cartoonists, and attempting to commit mass murder at an art exhibit is mind-blowing!

Unable to understand the difference, female Muslim guest Amani Al-Khatahtbeh claimed that because anti-Muslim sentiment in America is so oppressive she is “afraid to step out of my house wearing a headscarf,” adding that “We have to be the ones living in fear.”

Really, Amani? Really?! When was the last time a Christian or Jew attempted to saw your head off for being a Muslim? I could be wrong but your head looked fairly intact during your dialogue with Mr. Dershowitz. I could be wrong!

Your fellow Muslim guest actually got it right. He instructed his mosque attendees to not demonstrate against Pamela Geller’s art exhibit, for two reasons:

1. He didn’t want to give Geller’s event any more publicity than it was already receiving. That’s fair. No problem with that.

2. He and his flock support the right to free speech in America. BINGO! Kudos to the Imam! Now if you can only explain that to Amani in a way she can comprehend, or as the Hawaiians say, “Imo teach you fo’ undahstand.”

So, let me get this straight, Amani. If I announce publicly that I find it hilarious the incongruity of your 21st Century eyebrow piercing, juxtaposed with your 7th Century headdress, my free speech should be prohibited and labeled as religious hate speech, and makes it completely justifiable for you to cut my head off. Is that about right?