Hilarious video! Fox News’ Kennedy does an awesome job impersonating and roasting unemployed Kathy Griffin on New Year’s Eve with cornball jokes

Kathy Griffin is stuck at home, unemployed and no doubt wishing she was back in the saddle, there in Time Square with her old pal/new enemy Anderson Cooper, bringing New Year’s Eve into seventeen living rooms across America, just like the good old days.

VIDEO: Kathy Griffin’s new youtube act, “How About A Little Chin Music With That Whine?” because whining on youtube is the only work she can find

Her video whinefest includes such memorable one-liners as, “No, seriously, folks, I got no work. I ain’t scheduled for no talk shows. I’m blacklisted, I tell you!” and “Has anyone else ever been treated this badly for attempting a comedy gag? Was Lee Harvey Oswald? OK, bad example.”

Kathy Griffin claims she’s been blacklisted. No, you are just not funny. No one wants to hear a foul-mouthed feminazi whine about not having a penis

The fact is you are toxic, you are not funny, and no one wants to listen to a foul-mouthed feminazi whine about not having a penis. Best of luck on your world tour. Maybe you can provoke a few yucks in Reykjavík. They will laugh at anything this time of year.

Kathy Griffin was just interviewed by federal authorities for her “comedy.”

Kathy Griffin’s life continues to get tougher. Now the moron who thought it would be cool to stage a mock beheading of President Trump is being interviewed by the Secret Service.

Thomas Madison’s heartfelt letter to Kathy Griffin….

Until this whole thing blows over and you can get back to pulling the wings off of flies and whatever else it is you enjoy in your now ample spare time, I would like to offer the following advice….