Photo, above: Kathy Griffin’s new youtube act, “How About A Little Chin Music With That Whine?” Due to an unfortunate editing error, Griffin’s head was removed. Sorry.

Kathy Griffin has a new act. If you thought the last one wasn’t funny, just wait until you get an earful of this snorer!

Griffin has taken to youtube to make a few bucks since she completely screwed her career into the ground with her ever-so-clever mock beheading of the President of the United States. Who knew that would be a problem, right?

Her video whinefest includes such memorable one-liners as, “No, seriously, folks, I got no work. I ain’t scheduled for no talk shows. I’m blacklisted, I tell you!” and “Has anyone else ever been treated this badly for attempting a comedy gag? Was Lee Harvey Oswald? OK, bad example.”