Jim Acosta, moaning about President Trump’s plan to curb legal immigration and make speaking English a requirement: “This whole notion of well, they have to learn English before they get to the United States, are we just going to bring in people from Great Britain and Australia?”

Stephen Miller: “I am shocked at your statement, that you think that only people from Great Britain and Australia would know English. It actually reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking degree, that in your mind…. (Acosta interrupts, but Miller continues) No, this is an amazing moment, this is an amazing moment, that you think only people from Great Britain or Australia would speak English is so insulting to millions of hardworking immigrants who do speak English from all over the world. (Acosta┬áinterrupts again) Jim, have you honestly never met an immigrant from another country who speaks English outside of Great Britain and Australia? Is that your personal experience?”

Acosta: “Of course there are people who come to….”

Miller: “But, that’s not what you said! And it shows your cosmopolitan bias. Now, I just want to say….”

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Acosta interrupts: “It sounds like you are trying to engineer the racial and ethnic flow of people into this country.”

Miller: “Jim, that is one of the most outrageous, insulting, ignorant, and foolish things you’ve ever said, and for you, that’s still a really…. The notion that you think that this is a racist bill is so wrong and so insulting….”

At the 5:44 mark you can hear Acosta pouting, “You called me ignorant. You called me ignorant on national television.” ROTFLMAO!

Jim, there are only two reasons that Stephen Miller called you “ignorant.” One is because you wouldn’t shut up and let him speak, and the other is because you are fucking IGNORANT!

Also, during the exchange Acosta tried leaning on the Statue of Liberty to support his “ignorant” case of open, uncontrolled borders and unlimited immigration. As evidenced in the next video, he made a complete ass of himself on that point also, and Tucker Carlson has a lot of fun with it at Acosta’s expense.


Acosta’s presence in the White House is putting an exclamation mark on CNN’s much-deserved reputation as FAKE NEWS!