By Thomas Madison

The world has finally and clearly recognized Little Al Sharpton as the race-baiting, racist parasite that he is, who has made a fortune (such a fortune that he still owes over $4 million in unpaid federal income taxes) pimping faux racial oppression, creating fraudulent cases of white-on-black racial abuse and injustice, turning them into media circuses and personal income streams.

Feeling the pressure of diminishing revenue, Little Al has apparently set his sights on a new entitled class, gays. He is now comparing the newly-enacted Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act to Jim Crow and slavery.

Newsflash, Little Al! “Freedom,” as in “religious freedom,” is an antonym  to “slavery.” The terms are completely opposite, which makes your remarks illogical, invalid and STUPID! I understand the low-hanging fruit of race pimping is nearly all gone and you must now climb the tree to eat. However, your apparent expectation that you will find a paying audience with the collective IQ of a ground squirrel is, I believe, a long shot. But, hey, maybe I’m just a hopeless optimist. Your audience does watch MSNBC, after all.

Shrieked Little Al, “This is a key moment for the country. Too often in our history, we’ve seen religion used to justify attacks on other people’s rights, from slavery, to Jim Crow, to women’s right to vote. That same fight is with us today, and we can’t let it stand.”

Perhaps not so thinly-veiled within Little Al’s ridiculous anti-freedom monologue is the Memories Pizza case, where a Christian pizza-maker has been vilified by the gay rights crowd, the media, and lovers of tyranny and political correctness everywhere for refusing to cater a gay wedding. Sadly, their hateful threats of violence have succeeded in running Memories Pizza out of business. Such a tolerant and loving lot.

Little Al, I would like to explain something to you about “freedom.” The cornerstone of our Constitution is “individual liberty” – FREEDOM! We Americans enjoy the freedom to do as we please as individuals (that was the original concept, anyway). Nowhere, however, are we guaranteed the right to force someone else to do something for us, which includes forcing someone to participate in a ceremony they feel violates their religious beliefs. That would be called NOT freedom. For the government to force that person to participate would be called tyranny.