Shocking poll! Donald Trump sets new record for blue collar support. 60% of blue collar voters support Trump, highest since FDR in 1936

From Dmitri Voltova, It may come as a surprise to many that Donald J Trump’s support from Blue Collar Americans (those involved in trades, manufacturing, industry, and labor) is the highest since any candidate since FDR in 1936 since […]

Doh! Five Democrat presidential candidates added a combined 67,200 new twitter followers last night. Donald Trump added 70,000

By Thomas Madison It must really suck to be Lincoln Chaffee today. Not only did he tank in the debate last night, apologizing profusely for his congressional voting record, excusing said voting record as rookie inexperience, he also (apparently) stunk […]

Memorable moments and highlights from the Democrat presidential debate, according to Thomas Madison. Overall winner – Bernie Sanders

By Thomas Madison In a word, BIZARRE! That’s my take from last night’s Democrat presidential debate, aka The Hillary Clinton Show. Hitlery, and her shrill scream, dominated the debate, and it appeared that CNN was promoting that domination, giving her […]

Latest Ipsos/Reuters presidential poll has Trump gaining 2%, leading the GOP field at 32%. Ben Carson in second place with 12%

Ipsos/Reuters Poll (October 2): Core Political Approval Friday, October 02, 2015 Washington, D.C. – Barack Obama’s approval is at 43%. Republicans Donald Trump continues to lead among Republicans, currently with 32% of Republican support (up from 30% last week). Ben […]

Latest Zogby GOP presidential poll shows Trump widening his lead

By Thomas Madison The most significant finding, in my opinion, in the Zobgy poll, below, is Donald Trump’s 39% polling among independents. It is the independents, I believe, who will put Trump over the top in the general election, presuming, […]

Latest GOP presidential poll: Trump lead widens, now at 36%. Second-place Carson tanking, dropping to 12%

By John Nolte, Breitbart A Morning Consult poll, released Friday, surveyed 504 registered voters who watched Wednesday’s Republican primary debate and has only good news for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina. While the poll’s sample size is small […]

Donald Trump is soaring, leading the GOP field at 40%, a 10% gain from last month. Ben Carson is a distant second. Bush tanking

By Thomas Madison In a new GOP presidential poll released by OAN and Gravis Marketing, Donald Trump leads all candidates by a wide margin. Trump is currently at 40%, up 10% from a month ago. Ben Carson is a distant […]

According to CNN poll, 44% of voters choose Trump as most likely to change Washington for the better. No other candidate in double digits

By Thomas Madison Shockingly awesome numbers from a recent CNN/ORC poll show Donald Trump with 44% of ALL voters judging him the best candidate on either side to change the way Washington works for the the better. That is ALL […]

Hillary is a smoldering pile of witchmeat and the Dems are looking for another candidate. Guess who? Al “Jazeera” Gore! No, I’m serious! LOLOL!

By Thomas Madison This is the most bizarre soap opera of a presidential race anyone could possibly imagine. It has to be real because no human possesses an imagination warped enough to invent a story like this. On the right, […]

Go, Donald! Released today, latest presidential poll has Trump surging even more, now up 32% to second-place Jeb Bush at 11%

By Thomas Madison Newest buzzword at Fox News: “Oops!” The American voter isn’t as stupid and steerable as you and other liberals thought, eh, Fox? Although I am thrilled with the results of the following poll, I would like to […]

Suck it, Fox! Another poll, another round of great news for The Donald! Inceases his lead to 26%, and huge bump in favorability rating

From John Nolte, Breitbart Because of the small sample size, there were a lot of questions surrounding Monday’s Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll that showed Donald Trump leading the Republican primary field and, interestingly enough, appearing to siphon votes away […]

BREAKING! Latest poll: Trump increases his lead, Cruz surges to second, Bush falls to fifth, RINOS beginning to disappear

By Thomas Madison Notwithstanding Fox News’ shameless attack on Donald Trump, his lead not only remained solid, but increased by 1% to 23%. Ted Cruz surged to second place, now at 13%, apparently (my opinion) being rewarded for not only […]

Donald Trump is leading the GOP presidential field in North Carolina in a newly released poll. Go, Donald!

By Thomas Madison I really like Donald Trump. Not because his language is shocking, although it certainly is to those of us who have suffered the legion of empty suits which parrot the same empty rhetoric. I believe The Donald […]