By Thomas Madison

It must really suck to be Lincoln Chaffee today. Not only did he tank in the debate last night, apologizing profusely for his congressional voting record, excusing said voting record as rookie inexperience, he also (apparently) stunk up social media, scoring few or no new twitter followers. Conversely, Joe Biden, who is not even running added 3,000 new twitter followers.

From Fox News Insider

The big winner on social media during the Democratic debate was … Donald Trump?!

The GOP frontrunner took to Twitter last night to live-tweet during the two-hour forum, and during that time, he added 70,000 new followers.

That’s more than all of the Democratic candidates combined, “Happening Now” reported.

Bernie Sanders far outpaced his rivals, adding 46,000 followers, while Hillary Clinton picked up 10,000 and Joe Biden added 3,000 even though he hasn’t entered the race.

Here’s the breakdown:

Here’s just some of what Trump had to say during his two hours of tweets: