Trump vindicated! Devin Nunes: “There was some level of surveillance activity…. I don’t think the American people would be comfortable with”

President Trump is vindicated! There was indeed surveillance of his campaign committed by the administration of then Demon-in-Chief Barack Hussein.

VIDEO: Rand Paul declares “we know one thing for sure,” Obama’s intel spied on the Trump campaign staff

It appears that the method used to spy on Trump’s campaign staff was to monitor his staff’s conversations and when something that could be used to implicate a staff member was found, design a legal route to justify it.

VIDEO: WH press briefing, all about Trump/Russia collusion. Sean Spicer smacks down ABC’s Jonathan Karl

UPDATE: President Trump had Russian dressing on his salad last night. The obvious collusion is getting deeper!

Secret Service agent and Hitlery Clinton fan who said she would not “take a bullet” for President Trump finally fired

Remember the Secret Service agent who claimed that she would not “take a bullet” for President Trump? Well, she was finally shown the door, but like many, I wonder why it took so long.

First 2 months in office Trump cuts national debt $101 billion. Barack Hussein raised debt $413 billion his first 2 months

The difference between the lavish spending of Barack Hussein versus the cut in spending by President Trump is $514 billion. That is over half a trillion hard-earned American taxpayer dollars!

BOOM! President Trump eliminates 19 federal agencies, cutting his first budget by another $3 billion

Keeping another campaign promise, President Trump has eliminated 19 federal agencies, trimming billions of dollars more from his first proposed budget.

Secret Service laptop stolen with Trump Tower floor plans. “There’s data on there that’s highly sensitive”

Beyond negligence. How does a Secret Service agent leave a laptop with classified information on it in her unlocked car in her driveway all night long?

WOW! The line to get in to see President Trump in Nashville was nearly two miles long

Evidence of the tremendous love and support for President Trump is clear in the multitudes who come to see him wherever he shows up, like his recent visit to Nashville, Tennessee where an enormous line stretched for nearly two miles

Thinking ahead, President Trump is allowing the media to decide which charities will receive his salary

Thinking a step ahead, President Trump has chosen to allow the media to decide which charities will receive his salary. Good thinking there, Prez! Let the media decide, giving them no one to criticize but themselves.

BOOM! President Trump’s newest order begins the process of drastically reducing the size of the federal government

Some of the department chiefs may very well recommend the complete elimination of their organizations in my opinion, while others will likely recommend a significant reduction in the size of their organizations.

Senate Democrats enjoy keeping Americans in danger of terrorist attacks. They are pushing a bill to kill President Trump’s extreme vetting order

One thing is certain. Political correctness will not stop terroristic attacks. We have a Muslim problem! Baptists are not blowing up skyscrapers and cutting the heads off of Christians.

Grade President Trump’s first 50 days in office in this running poll, and check the current grade

President Trump is rescinding Barack Hussein executive orders at a frantic pace, putting a conservative constitutionalist on the bench of the Supreme Court, cutting taxes, leading an economic boom and

BOOM! Keeping his promise. The national debt is decreasing fast, $68 billion dollars since President Trump was inaugurated

On January 20, the national debt was $19.947 billion. Roughly a month and a half later (March 8), the national debt had dropped to….

THIS is unbelievable! Only Democrat-hired tech experts will testify before the House committee on Russian hacking

Democrat cyberlackies are going to preach the party line in cyberspeak that their audience will not understand. They will reinforce the narrative that President Trump is a Russian puppet and the Russians put him in office.

BOOM! The Trump effect. 298,000 jobs added in Trump’s first month in office

Since President Trump’s election, the economy has been booming, the stock market is skyrocketing, consumer confidence has money flowing again, and the newest job numbers are even better than expected.

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