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This is the border wall Democrats funded for President Trump, who is applauding this flimsy “fence.” Major letdown

THIS (photo, above) is the existing border wall near Brownsville, Texas. A coyote with a torch can cut through one of the vertical supports in probably five minutes, allowing his clients to stroll right through to the promised land.

Mexico sounding desperate as the border wall looks more and more like a reality

I’m sure you can see why Louie V is worried. If we decide to tax those US to Mexico remittances 10%, that’s $2.5 billion every year going directly towards funding the wall. Boom! Mexico is paying for the wall.

“The wall gets built, 100%.” President Trump reaffirms his commitment to the border wall

If you listen to Congressional Democrats, Rinos and the mainstream media, the story line is that the wall is history, President Trump has given up. It will never happen. President Trump lied. President Trump is a joke.

Great idea! Ted Cruz is proposing paying for the border wall with El Chapo’s $14 billion fortune

El Chapo has a net worth of $14 billion. That should prove to any doubters out there just how serious America’s drug problem is and how porous our border.

VIDEO: Creepy Chucky Schumer demands, “It’s not a negotiation. No wall!” As if he can stop it

Nice try, Creepy Chucky. No matter how long you practice in the mirror being a real badass, you will always come off like a total wimp.

Border wall to begin by the end of summer

Among President Trump’s most significant campaign issues were border security and immigration control. Key to both was an impenetrable border wall to keep illegal aliens from simply walking or wading into the United States.

Pulling numbers from a place where the sun don’t shine, Democrats scream that Trump’s wall will cost $70 billion

They admit they pulled these numbers from a place where the sun don’t shine, but do not want that to get in the way of clobbering President Trump with the budget club.

Always poking President Trump in the eye, Paul Rino vows that Congress will withhold funding for the border wall

Now, Rino is saying that Congress will strip from the budget the funding President Trump is requesting for the first phase of his border wall.

Helping the President fight illegal immigration, civilian patriots are using webcams to monitor the border

Vigilante patriots from the 4Chan message board are using webcams to monitor our southern border.

Mexican Prez announces he is canceling his meeting with Prez Trump next week, peso immediately tanks against the dollar. Oops!

Mexican Presidant Enrique Peña Nieto is still all butt hurt over President Trump’s intention to build a border wall and force Mexico to pay for it, so he canceled next Tuesday’s scheduled meeting with President Trump.

A Massachusetts sheriff is offering President-elect Trump his inmates to build the proposed wall along the Mexican border

“I can think of no other project that would have such a positive impact on our inmates and our country than building this wall,” Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said.

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