VIDEO: Cal Fullerton prof punches pro-Trump student in the face during Trump hatefest

Physical assault against young Republicans so insolent as to believe that they also enjoy the right to free speech is necessary in Libville, where such assault is encouraged and applauded.

Unbelievable! Check out this political hit piece of a letter Chicago Public Schools sent home with the children attacking President Trump and Illinois’ Republican governor

Chicago, as well as most of our major cities that have found themselves in severe financial trouble, has been governed and controlled by liberal Democrats for decades.

BOOM! The Trump Effect! In January the US gained 5,000 manufacturing jobs, lost 10,000 government jobs

The most important takeaway is manufacturers are adding jobs as market confidence continues to soar and government jobs (restrictions to freedom) are going bye-bye.

The judge who granted the injunction against President Trump’s travel ban based his decision on a barefaced like, and he knows it!

Judge James Robarts, the federal judge who granted an injunction against President Trump’s temporary ban on travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, based his decision on a barefaced lie.

VIDEO: World class imbecile Maxine Waters is now declaring that Putin is invading Korea. Plus other notable Maxine quotes

That Vladimir Putin, what a cut up. Always clowning. Now he is invading Korea, which was news to me, but Maxine Waters, the Capitol Hill resident moron, says it is true, so it must be, right?

VIDEO: Democrats are going bugf**k over President Trump’s firing of his acting Attorney General, and I am enjoying every minute

Check out John Conyers’ reaction to President Trump’s action. The poor baby is beside himself. Hey, John, remember when Slick Willie fired every single Republican US Attorney in the country?

VIDEO: Awesome! Pro-Trump rally in front of Trump Tower today

Many of the pro-Trumpers also carried pacifiers as a message to the anti-Trump protesters that they are whiny crybabies, which is accurate.

This skidmark is the most wanted man in America. A Berkeley rioter, he beat Trump supporters and bragged about it, which led to his identity. Guess who he works for

Ian Dabney Miller, pictured above, was one of the Berkeley rioters. He beat Trump supporters, apparently for fun, then bragged about it on social media. My guess he is he now racing for the Mexican border

VIDEO: His last sentence proves he is not the least bit intimidated! Liberal, anti-Trump cowards assaulted this young man in Berkeley, possibly injuring him for life

I sincerely hope the authorities identify and apprehend the trash who did this. I hope as well that they sit in jail for a month without bail, are then tried and given lengthy prison sentences.

VIDEO: Just in time for the Super Bowl, Patriots owner Robert Kraft describes how kind and thoughtful Donald Trump was to him during the most difficult period of his life

In the toughest time in my life, he was there for me. He came to the funeral with Melania. He called me once a week for a year. I was really depressed, he looked out after me.

VIDEO: Navy SEAL convoy flying a Trump flag really pisses off a Trump-hating motorist. GFY, Snowflake!

I bet the SEAL who ordered this flag to fly is in big trouble. His commander is likely to give him many high fives, several cases of his favorite beer, and a medal.

BREAKING! While Starbucks is vowing to hire 10,000 refugees, this coffee company is vowing to hire 10,000 vets

“Oh, God, should I stick with the Caramel Macchiato or really step out of my shell and go for it with the Teavana Oprah Cinnamon Chai Tea Latte? Oh, fudge, I’m going for it!” Gotta’ love a daredevil.

Jason Chaffetz introduces House bill to dissolve BLM and Forest Service police forces. Somewhere Clive Bundy is smiling

Jason Chaffetz, Republican congressman from Utah, has introduced a proposal to strip BLM and the US Forest Service of their police forces.

VIDEO: BLM activist goes on profanity-laced, racist rant, advocating killing Donald Trump and white people

“White people, give your f**king money, your f**king house, your f**king property, we need it f**king all!” she demanded, suggesting that whites surrender everything they own to black people.

Guitar company CEO comforts facebook friends and followers, “Rest easy people, it’ll take only 100 days till Trump gets a bullet in the head!”

Leftists speak of assassinating President Trump as though it is OK to do that. Creeps like Ted Kornhole are entitled to threatening murder of the President.

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