BREAKING! Uranium One witness testifies that Moscow paid big $ to Clinton Foundation. Investigators now looking at Obama/Clinton/Russia collusion

An FBI informant connected to the Uranium One controversy told three congressional committees in a written statement that Moscow routed millions of dollars to America with the expectation it would be used to benefit Bill Clinton’s charitable efforts while Hillary was Secretary of State.

First indictment issued in the Uranium One bribery case which involves Hitlery Clinton and the Obama administration

An 11-count indictment was handed out on Friday connected to the alleged Russian bribery scheme involving former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, and Uranium One.

VIDEO: FBI informant in Uranium One case has video of Russian agents with briefcases full of cash to bribe the Clintons for control of US uranium

Among the revelations thus far is video in his possession that shows briefcases full of cash from Russian agents paid to bribe the Clintons for control of American uranium, that precious mineral needed to manufacture nuclear weapons.

Good news, bad news. Jeff Sessions says he is considering appointing a special counsel to investigate Uranium One. That’s the good news

Sessions does not need the advice of a co-conspirator in the coverup of Uranium One. In fact, he needs no one’s advice at all. Uranium One is as clear a case of needing a special counsel as Sessions will ever see.

VIDEO: Swamp rats Rosenstein and Weissman signed plea deal of Russian involved in Uranium One. Sessions must start arresting swamp rats NOW!

Wouldn’t it be awesome if President Trump orders Jeff Sessions to offer this convicted felon/federal prisoner, Vadim Mikerin, his freedom in exchange for turning state’s evidence against Hitlery, Obama, Rosenstein, Mueller, Weissman, Comey, Lynch, et al?

I am happy to announce that the BS Trump dossier has blown up in Hitlery’s face. Sunday Trump twitterstorm demands GOP now “DO SOMETHING!”

New converts to the Trump philosophy are pouring in and they are as pissed as the rest of us. They now understand that President Trump has been right all along, that our greatest enemy is not only the liberal losers in the Democrat Party, but many Deep State operatives from the right, as well.

What is the difference between the Rosenbergs, executed for espionage, and the Clintons? Very little.

The Rosenbergs trafficked in the design of nuclear weapons while the Clintons trafficked in the raw material for nuclear weapons — uranium. It is a distinction without a difference.

DOJ has lifted the gag order on the FBI informant in the Uranium One case. Things are going to get very hot very soon for some unfortunate swamp rats!

The FBI informant in the Uranium One case who has been under a gag order imposed by the administration of Barack Hussein has had the gag order removed by DOJ and is anxious to speak to Congress on anything and everything he knows.

VIDEO: Tomi Lahren on the steaming pile of criminal conspiracy and corruption we know as Uranium One, the putrid onion just beginning to be peeled

Day after day, the fake news media has hammered the Russia conspiracy home. Until the real Russia story bubbled up to the surface. The Russia story that they don’t want to talk about. The Russia story that goes like this….

BOOM! Gowdy and Goodlatte opening new investigations into the Clintons, Uranium One, Barack Hussein, and their accomplices

Bob Goodlatte and Trey Gowdy will be heading up new congressional investigations into the smelly Clinton/Uranium One deal and the Obama DOJ’s kid glove treatment of the criminal enterprise.

FBI informant in Uranium One case wants to talk but is under a gag order. His attorney, Victoria Toensing, says DOJ has no choice but to remove gag order

The attorney for the gagged FBI informant, Victoria Toensing, appeared on Fox News today declaring that the Justice Department doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on and must remove her client’s gag order so that he can tell what he knows to Congress.

BOMBSHELL! Rod Rosenstein’s appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel was illegitimate and illegal. End the witch hunt now!

Rod Rosenstein, acting on behalf of recused Attorney General Jeff Sessions, did not conduct a preliminary investigation to determine if there was sufficient evidence to proceed with the appointment of a special counsel. He simply appointed Robert Mueller as Special Counsel on his own.

The Clinton pucker factor just reached Warp Level 15 as Senator Grassley calls for FBI informant to testify

All that has to happen now is for Jeff Sessions to remove the gag order and allow the informant’s testimony. I can see no circumstances under which that will not happen. This will be a major swamp drain and should put some people in very high places into very small jail cells.

VIDEO: Judge Jeanine goes bananas on Barack Hussein, the Clinton mob, dirty cop Mueller, and the Clinton/Uranium One criminal enterprise

The informant, now terrified for his life, who was wired by the FBI during the investigation is still not allowed to talk, due to a gag order imposed by Barack Hussein, which Jeff Sessions needs to lift as soon as he fires Rosenstein, McCabe, and Mueller.

Alright, Mr. Sessions, it is time to put the Clintons and Barack Hussein in jail! Damaging America’s national security for personal gain is treason!

While Robert Mueller’s presidential rectal exam has been proceeding full bore in the hopes of finding anything Russian, with the Democrats cheering at every turn, the real Russian collusion story is unfolding before our eyes. And the kicker is we have known about this over a year.