In a Powdered Wig article from Sunday, I pointed out the almost unbelievable direction the Russian collusion investigation is taking.

No, not Robert Mueller’s investigation into President Trump’s ties to the Russian government, but rather Mueller’s own involvement in the Clinton scheme to milk $150 million from America’s uranium reserve, and thus our very critical national security.

And the whole deal was approved by Barack Hussein, whose administration still has a gag order on the informant who uncovered the entire criminal enterprise that involved espionage, quid pro quo kickbacks, money laundering, and corruption at the highest levels of the US government.

The informant, now terrified for his life, who was wired by the FBI during the investigation is still not allowed to talk, due to a gag order imposed by Barack Hussein, which Jeff Sessions needs to lift as soon as he fires Rosenstein, McCabe, and Mueller. Unless Sessions wants to be labeled a swamp rat himself, he MUST do this or be fired and implicated himself.

Mueller is chin-deep in the swamp, as are Rod Rosenstein, the Clintons, McCabe, and Barack Hussein.

Folks, we are only nine months into this administration, the degree of corruption in the swamp is mind-blowing, and swamp rats are scurrying for cover everywhere.

Watch as Judge Jeanine, in the video below, is in full agreement with my earlier article and lights it up on Fox News, blasting the swamp rats and demanding that Jeff Sessions get to the bottom of the REAL Russian collusion criminal syndicate immediately.

During a meltdown following a Matt Laurer interview, a completely out of control Hitlery was heard by all around, shrieking, “If that fucking bastard wins, we all hang from nooses.” Prophetic words, indeed!

Thank God for delivering Donald Trump to We the People at this most crucial point in our history.