From Bill Still
“The American businessman who served as an undercover informant for the FBI on the Clinton’s role in the Uranium 1 deal wants to talk, but a Justice Department Non-Disclosure deal made with former Attorney General Holder threatens him with prosecution if he does.

Why is this story so important? If the United States suffers a nuclear weapons attack in the next few years, it will have come from either North Korea or Iran, but in order to make a nuke, both nations would have to buy the uranium from somewhere.

If an American helped to facilitate such a deal, then no doubt Americans would brand such a person a traitor to his or her nation. Florida Congressman, Ron Desantis, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, is now investigating the Uranium 1 deal. He is also a former Navy Seal who won a Bronze Star in Iraq.”

The attorney for the gagged FBI informant, Victoria Toensing, appeared on Fox News today declaring that the Justice Department doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on and must remove her client’s gag order so that he can tell what he knows to Congress.