Liberal heads are exploding from sea to shining sea as Trump tax cut leads to record January tax revenue

That moaning sound you are hearing in the background is the great wailing and gnashing of teeth by liberal weenies across America in response to the latest economic news.

Wow! CA Democrats are proposing a bill to steal half of the Trump tax savings from CA businesses

Drooling over the expected tax savings windfall businesses are due to reap from the very welcome Trump tax cut, the state of California is considering a Democrat bill to steal half of that windfall for itself. Brazen greed! Little wonder businesses are leaving California in droves.

Apple coming home, adding $350 billion to the economy, 20,000 new jobs, and $38 billion in taxes over five years

Apple, crediting President Trump’s new tax law, is coming home and bringing its hundreds of billions of dollars in past, present, and future revenue with it. The tech giant is also expecting to pay $38 billion in taxes on its massive sales revenue. In addition, the company will create 20,000 new jobs and build a new customer service campus.

NY liberal weenie gov Cuomo ignites Twitterfire, declares he is suing fed govt. because Trump tax plan doesn’t hose citizens enough

A resident of liberal weenie New York enjoys exactly the same federal tax break as a resident of booming, prosperous, conservative Texas who earns the same income. The difference is the New Yorker is subject to massive state income taxes. The Texan? Zero state income tax. So, how is that President Trump’s fault?

An accountant crunched the numbers to see how much money the GOP tax plan saves three typical middle class families. ALL of them save!

Income tax rates are going down, the standard deduction is doubling (that is huge!), child tax credits increasing, and many more tax benefits that equal money in your pocket in the form of tax savings, which means a bigger refund for most middle class taxpayers.

VIDEO: Liberal weenies are told the new GOP tax plan is “Bernie’s plan” and they love it ….until they are told the truth. Deer in the headlights!

Horowitz describes “Bernie’s Plan” as having all of the actual features of President Trump’s tax plan, and the liberal weenies love it, praising it to no end.

Senator Tim Scott (no, that isn’t a Mohawk) is blasted by liberal weenie HuffPo reporter who calls Scott a Trump “prop.” Scott blasts the racist back!

Only black conservatives deserve such racist invective. But, who would expect anything less from the (Democrat) party of the KKK, Jim Crow, and voting against civil rights.

Pretend conservative Bill Kristol tweets that the GOP tax bill is “Corporatist Serfdom.” James Woods’ reply is epic!

Kristol whined, “Isn’t there something creepy about corporations giving cash bonuses to employees explicitly because of the passage of certain legislation or because of specific regulatory actions? Doesn’t it have something of a Road to Corporatist Serfdom feel to it?”

As Rep. Steve Scalise celebrates passage of the tax reform bill, liberal morons respond by wishing his would-be murderer had been a better shot

However, the usual suspects on the left are unable to wrap around their pathetic heads around the concept of tax cuts = growth in tax revenue. JFK did it, Reagan did it. It isn’t rocket science. Study a little history, liberals!

Treasury announces Trump tax plan will add $300 billion in tax revenue while cutting taxes. Liberal weenie heads are exploding, unable to comprehend

Liberal weenies know how to do one thing well – spend someone else’s money. They don’t know how to make money and, as they see it, they don’t need to. When liberal weenies need money, they simply take it, taxing Mom and Pop America and American businesses.

Breaking! President Trump unveils his tax reform plan. Big win for American taxpayers!

The Trump administration unveiled a sweeping tax reform package Wednesday that simplifies the tax code, slashes rates across the board for individuals and dramatically lowers the corporate rate.