For the liberal weenie whiners who have been told by their liberal weenie idols that the Trump tax cut plan is going to hurt middle class families, yada, yada, that is ridiculous!

Why not do a little research before you parrot lies? In fact, if you have two functioning brain cells left, you should be able to see the benefits on your own without an accountant.

Income tax rates are going down, the standard deduction is doubling (that is huge!), child tax credits increasing, and many more tax benefits that equal money in your pocket in the form of tax savings, which means a bigger refund for most middle class taxpayers.

An accountant hired by CBS to calculate the effect of the tax plan on average Americans has calculated that most Americans will get a tax cut next year under the plan Congress passed this week, but figuring out exactly how much your family will save is tricky.

Republicans say a typical family of four earning $73,000 per year will see taxes drop by more than $2,000, but circumstances can vary widely depending on factors like income and where you live.

The accountant working for CBS crunched the numbers for three working families to see how much they will be saving, which he outlines in the video, below. Be sure to check out the Fox Business GOP tax bill calculator after watching the video)….