Governor Lamebrain Cuomo of New York has declared that he is the one who is going to determine federal taxes, announcing that he is going to challenge President Trump’s tax reform package in court as unconstitutional because he believes that somehow it is unfair to blue, liberal weenie states.

I’m not sure how President Trump’s massive tax break is unfair to blue states. If anyone knows what Cuomo is talking about, please explain it to me and I will edit it into this article. I suspect Cuomo is parroting a liberal weenie talking point to appeal to those too stupid to know better.

As I see it, a resident of liberal weenie New York enjoys exactly the same federal tax break as a resident of booming, prosperous, conservative Texas who earns the same income. The difference is the New Yorker is subject to massive state income taxes. The Texan? Zero state income tax. So, how is that President Trump’s fault?

King Andrew’s claim that he is now going to take over the federal income tax structure ignited a Twitterfire.

When will the stupid leaders of liberal weenie states stop embarrassing themselves on social media sites by having their own citizens slap them with the cold, hard truth? Never!