VIDEO: Payback is a b!tch. Iraqi soldiers recapturing Mosul are not exactly gentle with ISIS scumballs they capture. Warning – graphic!

Iraqi soldiers, many of whom have seen relatives beaten, tortured, raped, drowned, burnt to death, even beheaded in the cruelest and most grotesque public spectacles, are seeking revenge.

Returning home for the first time in over two years, Iraqi Christians celebrate Christmas Mass with US soldiers in newly-liberated Bartella

This is a very special Christmas season, the civilized world breathing a sigh of relief at the change of leadership in Washington.

Barack Hussein: “There will be no combat in Iraq!” Pentagon: “We’re in combat!” Barack Hussein lying. Imagine that!

From Jonah Bennett, The Daily Caller President Barack Obama has insisted that the U.S. military will not head back to combat in Iraq, but the Pentagon just reluctantly admitted that American troops are definitely in combat. While the mission was […]

Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz play PC, reinforce the liberal myth that Saddam Hussein had no WMD, thus they would not have invaded Iraq

By Thomas Madison Yesterday Megyn Kelly of Fox News asked presidential candidate Jeb Bush regarding the decision his brother made to invade Iraq, “Knowing what we know now would you have authorized the invasion?” Jeb answered very candidly that he would […]

Iraqi moviegoers react to ‘American Sniper.’ Mostly cheers and ooh-rahs! Not all was in vain

‘American Sniper’ Plays in Baghdad, but the Reaction by Iraqi Moviegoers is SURPRISING From Greg Campbell, TPNN The hit biopic “American Sniper” details the life of Chris Kyle, the famed Navy SEAL who is credited as the deadliest sniper in […]

VIDEO: In 2011 Obama declared Iraq “stable and self reliant,” as he pulled all US forces out. This week he is sending the 82nd Airborne back

By Thomas Madison In December, 2011 King Barack Hussein spoke before an audience of paratroopers from the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, proclaiming success in Iraq, declaring that the war was over. “We’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable, […]