By Thomas Madison

Yesterday Megyn Kelly of Fox News asked presidential candidate Jeb Bush regarding the decision his brother made to invade Iraq, “Knowing what we know now would you have authorized the invasion?”

Jeb answered very candidly that he would make the same decision to invade Iraq. Then today after much criticism he began walking it back, claiming that he misunderstood the question, that he now understands what was meant by “knowing what we know now,” explaining that of course he wouldn’t have authorized the invasion if he knew that the intelligence was faulty as he claims it turned out to be.

Then I heard Ted Cruz tell Megyn Kelly the very same thing today, that no way would he have invaded Iraq if the correct intel would have been available, i.e., that Saddam had no WMD.

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT?! “Saddam had no WMD” is a liberal myth, which has been proven to be complete BS. Where have you been? In the video, below, Saddam’s top military adviser, who defected to the United States ten years ago, explains very clearly what happened to Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, which any sane person knew he had as he had used them to kill tens of thousands of his own citizens. We knew he had them but we couldn’t find them. That doesn’t mean they didn’t exist or that the intel was bad or that Bush was a criminal. In fact, nearly every Democrat in Washington also rightly believed that Saddam had WMD and backed the invasion 100%.  The bulk of the weapons were flown to Syria, Saddam’s only friend in the region and next door neighbor.

Powdered Wig reader and Iraq veteran, Christopher W. Lawler, added this: “I was there. In Iraq, Saddam Hussein was stockpiling nerve agent, some 500,000 viles of sarin gas and antidote were found in a large warehouse on a military installation where I was stationed.”

As if possessing and using weapons of mass destruction on his own people weren’t enough cause to depose Saddam Hussein, let’s review the rest of of his wicked resume:

1. Conservative estimates have his murder toll of his own people at 250,000. More realistic estimates are north of 500,000.

2. Saddam was holding televised ceremonies where he presented $25,000 (a fortune in Gaza) to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers who blew themselves up, killing innocent Israelis in the process.

3. Saddam attempted the assassination of George Bush, the elder, confirmed by the attackers who were arrested in Kuwait preparing the car bomb attack Saddam ordered to kill Bush.

So, I have two questions for both Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz:

1. How could you not know that the pre-invasion intel was solid? “Knowing what we know now” is the same thing we knew then – Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.

2. Even if we didn’t now know for certain that Saddam had WMD, as our intel was telling us, aren’t the three reasons I listed above justification enough to remove a mad man from a position of such great power, with billions of dollars of oil money at his disposal to commit more murder and mayhem?

I lost a lot of respect for both of you. No way either of you get my vote.