Liberal weenies are screaming that tariffs are hurting US farmers, a total non-argument! Steel and aluminum are booming back. We can subsidize farmers

My response to the liberal weenies whining about farmers being hurt is…. We can easily subsidize farmers’ losses with the income from tariffs the Chinese pay on aluminum and steel. We have been subsidizing farmers for decades. So shut up already!

SMOKIN’! The Trump trade policy has resulted in another historic plunge of the US trade deficit

Not rocket science. It only required a leader with a self-employment background and a solid set of gonads.

In response to China imposing $50 billion in tariffs, President Trump proposes another $100 billion in tariffs on China. This is a war the Chinese can’t win

Watching our own manufacturing sector suffer at the hands of cheap foreign labor has been painful to watch, but not as painful as watching the dolts who have occupied our White House and halls of Congress over the past thirty years do nothing about it.

S. Korea screaming about Trump tariff. ‘Thanks for keeping us safe for 60 years, but if you don’t let us continue to screw your manufacturers, we have a problem’

The message coming from South Korea seems to be, “Yeah, thanks for keeping us safe for six decades and not charging us a dime for it, but if you don’t allow us to continue screwing your steel and aluminum manufacturers, then we are going to have a serious problem with you.”

President Trump’s Asian tour netted over one trillion dollars in GDP for America

Making America Great Again! Netting over one trillion dollars in trade deals for US companies, President Trump’s Asian tour was a YUGE win for the US economy.

The Trump Effect! US is now an energy exporter. Poland receives its first US tanker of natural gas, wants to be European hub for US gas and oil

And you thought President Trump’s visit to Poland was just a social call! Donald Trump does not make purely social calls. He is turning deals on the golf course, at lunch, and in his sleep.

It is time to stop being stupid! China is now the largest economy on earth. We the People have made them rich. They are lending us our own money!

“Hello, Red. This is Uncle Sam. We’ve been thinking and we are tired of giving you a free trade ride….”