By Thomas Madison

The people of South Carolina are fit to be tied over the Confederate flag issue.

No doubt Governor Nikki Haley has opened a Pandora’s box that I’m sure she regrets. If this is such an important issue why didn’t she propose putting the matter on a referendum ballot come next election? Let the people decide. Why does she find it her place to shove her agenda, obviously pandering to left wing nutjobs for some mysterious reason, down the throats of the good people of South Carolina, who are dead serious about this egregious affront to the heritage they hold so dearly, as evidenced by the 115,000 signatures on the petition for secession, achieved in just a matter of hours on Friday.

I lost a lot of respect for Nikki Haley over this. A rising star in the Republican party, she really shot herself in the foot. How could she not expect such a backlash? Is she that out-of-touch with the people of South Carolina?

From IWB, Investment Watch

Despite the Governor Haley’s new position on the Confederate Flag, members of South Carolinas House of Representatives believes the flag represents the culture of South Carolina and should not be removed because some people do not like to see it. A petition has started within the House of Representatives for the state to secede from the United States if the confederate flag is removed. Those who defend the flag, including the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a social and political group in the South, insist the flag is a symbol of the state’s past and no longer carries the racist meaning.

According to Leland Summers, Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans,“There is absolutely no link between the Charleston massacre and the Confederate Memorial Banner. Don’t try to create one. The petition for South Carolina’s secession from the United States already has over 115,000 signatures since Haley’s announcement earlier today.”

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