Ivanka Trump tweeted a photo of husband Jared and son Theodore aboard a fishing boat while vacationing in Florida. Barely visible in the background of the photo is a Confederate flag and an American flag, both on another boat.

I doubt Ivanka even noticed the Confederate flag, but leave it to liberal weenie reporter Ashley Feinberg (Huffington Post) to not only notice the flag but to blow it up for the rest of the world to see, the message from HuffPo being, of course, that the Trump family is nothing but a collection of evil racists and the Confederate flag in a family photo was a discreet message of solidarity to fellow white supremacists across the country.

The twitterstorm ensued, a few brain-dead leftist morons agreeing with Feinberg’s message and wishing jail for the Trumps. Such a loving and tolerant lot, these leftists.

Others, some Trump supporters, some leftists with actual functioning brains, blasted Feinberg for her liberal stupidity.

One tweeter responded with a photo of Barack Hussein and a very large graffiti painting of Che Guevara in the background….

And how about this Rip Van Winkle moron….



And my favorite tweet in the thread because it is 100% accurate….