This is hilarious! In an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett regarding President Trump, General Flynn, and sanctions against Russia, Burnett asked Sanders what he thought of President Trump claiming he knew nothing about the report involving Flynn and sanctions against Russia.

Sanders responded, “Well, I don’t know. Maybe he was watching CNN fake news. What do you think?”

BOOM! That’s all it took. CNN immediately cut their feed to Sanders and the interview was over.

The most hilarious part of this whole “fake news” comedy is that it was begun by Barack Hussein and his flying monkeys, who were trying to shut down the right wing blogosphere and sites like Powdered Wig, which were largely responsible for getting honest journalism out there to counter the “fake news” being put out by CNN and the other members of the Alphabet Network Club, as well as the fake news print media assclowns at failing rags like The New York Times and The Washington Post, thus putting Donald Trump in the White House.

The whole “fake news” fake news blew up in the liberals’ faces like so many simultaneously lit prank cigars. Now, the miserable bastards can’t shake the label, and I love it!