By Howard Portnoy

Last week it CBS News that was engaging in a little “helpful (to the Democratic presidential nominee) editing” by cenoring out the adverb frequently from a comment by Bill Clinton on how often his wife has experienecd health “episodes.” This week it is CNN, and this time the helpful editing is additive, which is to say the cable network is putting words in the mouth of the candidate ther are rooting against.

The Hill’s Joe Concha reports:

CNN added the word “racial” to Donald Trump‘s Monday comments on terrorism and immigration, and is running headlines reporting that the GOP nominee is advocating “racial profiling”.

But a review of the transcript of Trump’s comments to Fox News that CNN quoted, however, shows that Trump never put the word “racial” in front of “profiling.”

“You know in Israel, they profile,” Trump said Monday to Fox News. “They’ve done an unbelievable job — as good as you can do. But Israel has done an unbelievable job. And they’ll profile. They profile. They see somebody that’s suspicious. They will profile. They will take that person in. They will check out.”

The networks and other mainstream media outlets used to deny that they were biased, but since the advent of the internet, which has made their derelections easier to catch out, they haven’t been quite as adamant. Now if only they start telling the truth without any prodding from the right…