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This is what Operation American Spring should look like. The attendance has been embarrassing. It’s as though Americans are sitting passively by, waiting for their leg irons….

We can participate, no matter where we are in the country. Just doing something so simple as placing an “IMPEACH OBAMA!” sign in your front yard is helpful participation. There are millions of Americans within a two-hour drive of DC. […]

Operation American Spring. This video describes EXACTLY what it is all about! Please, if you can, get to Washington and lock arms with Colonel Riley and the other patriots present. Your children and grandchildren are depending on it….

by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society Operation American Spring is active and moving in Washington. If you can, please get to Washington and participate. If you can’t, then please participate any way you can from wherever you are. Putting an […]

Operation American Spring. Email from Colonel Riley….

Hello Patriots, Day 5 Operation American Spring completed……another beautiful day, peaceful, no incidents. We all gathered at OAS Site, Camp Liberty early for prayer and then may went to the Capitol for meetings with Senators and Representatives.  Most legislators are […]

Bump. The best Operation American Spring live feeds I have been able to find….

PLEASE! If you are a patriot and within driving distance of Washington, DC, then please get there. Your country needs you! Pete Santilli and Mark Connors have the best live feeds I have found most reliable. Pete was also front […]

Link to live feed of Operation American Spring below…. To hell with the mainstream media! They are bought and paid for. Those of us in the alternative media (bloggers) are not!….

Link to Pete Santilli and Mark Connors, streaming live from Operation American Spring. Both have been in and out all day….

The best Operation American Spring live feeds I have been able to find….

Starting a little slow, but moving. I’m sure there are logistical problems and probably many patriots still trying to get into the city. Pete Santilli has the best live feed I have found most reliable, even though both have been […]

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