by Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society

So, is anyone planning anything for this weekend? My wife and I are doing the following:

1. White “IMPEACH OBAMA” sign painted onto the back windows of our van, starting today (May 13, 2014), through whenever.

2. Picketing the State Capitol with “IMPEACH OBAMA” signs, at least a couple of hours a day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We would sure love some company!

3. For those who can’t or won’t do either of the above because…. whatever…. can you at least stand on your front lawn with a sign? If not, can you at least put a sign in your yard?

The only way that we will succeed in taking our country back from the grip of tyranny is to DO IT! Together! We can’t sit around and let someone else do it. We need numbers. Numbers get attention. My wife and I are two. If even one more person joins us we will be contributing to Operation American Spring, and the restoration of our Constitution and the greatness of America. You will not be alone. There are millions of patriots across America participating. PLEASE participate!