You know you have it going on when an uber-liberal publication like Daily Kos is in your corner …

One thing that gets forgotten when the subject of politics is broached with friend of foe,

is the fact that we were blessed (Yes, I use the word ‘blessed’ in the religious sense cause

I’m a firm believer in a higher power) with an incredible form of Government by our Founders.

Not a perfect Government, yet the closest to a perfect Government this planet has ever

witnessed. Being that humans are involved, I don’t ever see a perfect Government being

achieved. The real problem we have is with our Political Class, a huge problem. The Political

Class has been so corrupted that there are no politicians left to be trusted. You name the

politician, any of them, no matter the party affiliation, has an agenda that only targets a few

special interest groups. Politicians have all but forgotten that they are to represent We The

People. Sure they were chosen by the people from their district, county, state, etc, and must

do their best for the ones they represent directly, but they also have a duty to do what is best for

the overall health of our Country.


I write this not caring what anyone’s preferred political party may be, thats not my gig, thats for

people that make their living arguing endlessly with whatever the opposition of the day is. But I

do write this for the sake of our Country. We were handed an amazing form of Government, and

it is in every Americans best interest to protect our Government at all cost. That time to protect her

has come. If I could wave a magic wand over the USA, it would instantly be rid of every elected

official serving in office at the moment of my magical wand waving. Being smarter than a magic wand,

I understand that what I wish for, and reality, are many galactic miles apart.


As a proud Nation and multi-cultural society, we must come together to help cleanse our Nation of the

corruption that has taken over the Government. This is the most important aspect of what OAS has

been conceived to accomplish. Almost every American has a favorite politician because they like their

words, or their looks, or the promises they make, but if we are to ever fix the problems we face, we

must all be willing to give up something, or in the case of politicians, the politician! I’m certain that my

words are not enough, but there has to be a drastic change or the crooked politicians are going to crush

our Country, our Constitution, our Spirit, and all those things we love as Americans. Please come and

help OAS clean house of allthe filth, and help us to rebuild the USA using the Government and the

Constitution we were given.


To drive the point home that Americans of all stripes will be attending, check out some of the groups

that are supporting Operation American Spring. From ‘Occupy’ to ‘Gun Owners of America’, to

‘Overpasses’ and even ‘Anonymous’, everyone is invited.…


Well, I hope to see everyone in DC on the 16th… less than two weeks from now. Remember that it

matters not what your cause or beliefs are, we as Americans, are all in this together and should stand

shoulder-to-shoulder to pass-on the very best USA to the generations to come.

(This was my first shot at a Diary. Like you couldn’t tell…)

California Kid

Link to Operation American Spring’s website….

Ex-Army officer and stone-cold patriot, Thomas Madison is on a mission to contribute in any and every way to the restoration of and strict obedience to the United States Constitution, that divinely-inspired, concise, intentionally and specifically broad (wrap your head around that oxymoron) blueprint which has gifted the world with the concept and realization of individual liberty and unlimited prosperity. We, as a nation, have lost our way. We have spent the past one-hundred years attempting to fix what was never broken. As with building anything, when you can't figure it out, consult the blueprint. So too with rebuilding America, the blueprint for which is the United States Constitution.

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