Thomas Madison, Powdered Wig Society


As you know the lamestream media is not covering Operation American Spring AT ALL! They will be forced to cover it when it becomes too big to ignore, and only then, which we are praying will happen this weekend. In the meantime, following are several live streaming video links to the event. Weather may be an issue with live video transmission this weekend, so keep this list of links handy and check them all periodically. God Bless the participants in this heroic effort, and God Bless America! Keep them all in your prayers. (This one is a live video feed from Brian D. Lange of LiveT.R.U.T.H. Radio)

Also, for those on the ground in DC, and across the nation, there is an app for staying in touch via “walkie/talkie” style communication. Here is a link to the app:

Please keep all participants across the nation, especially those in DC, in your prayers. This is a peaceful protest, but it is also a battle against the very forces aiming to destroy our nation and all who love her. PRAYER SUPPORT IS ESSENTIAL! May God Bless you all and God Bless and Save the USA!