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“ABSOLUTE RED LINE:” Eric Holder issues Republicans warning #2 to leave Mueller alone as he proceeds to frame President Trump

Jeff Sessions, where the hell are you? Your boss is fighting for his life, being set up by a team of Trump-hating investigators and your own FBI while you stand by and watch. Are you a total wimp or a part of the conspiracy? It has to be one or the other.

Benghazi hero/Army Ranger Kris “Tanto” Paronto blasted Eric Holder for his twitter threat to Republicans if they try to remove Mueller

Eric Holder is a moron, a nothingburger, and a card-carrying liberal swamp rat of the first rank. There has never been a more corrupt Attorney General than Eric Holder, although his successor, Loretta Lynch, was a close second.

VIDEO: Eric Holder threatens Republicans to not remove Mueller. Nearly as seditious as Loretta Lynch wanting liberals to “bleed” and “die” to stop Trump

Eric Holder is warning Republicans in Congress that “any attempt to remove Bob Mueller will not be tolerated.” So, what you gonna’ do, Eric, incite an army of pussyhats to march on the White House? Spare us! Such comedy we don’t […]

VIDEO: Radical Imam who called for death of Ayaan Hirsi Ali was hired by Eric Holder’s Justice Department to teach Islam in prison

Fouad al-Bayly called for the death of prominent women’s rights activist was hired to teach Islam in prisons. From The Clarion Project An Egyptian born Imam who has publically supported the death penalty for those who choose to leave Islam […]

How does the Democrat Party deal with defectors? Obama critic Senator Bob Menendez indicted on corruption charges

By Thomas Madison New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez has been one of Barrack Hussein’s most outspoken critics. As minority leader of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Menendez has been especially critical of Obama’s negotiations (or lack thereof) with Iran […]

VIDEO: This is what happens to liberal Democrats who leave the reservation. Obama’s DOJ charging Senator Bob Menendez with corruption

By Thomas Madison This is what happens to a liberal Democrat who leaves the reservation. Democrat Senator Bob Menendez, who has been highly critical of King Hussein on many topics, but especially his appeasement of Iran and allowing the Islamic […]

Life inside the Mafia…. I mean Obama administration. Vindictive Holder to Fast and Furious critics: “Some people can kiss my ass!”

ERIC HOLDER EMAILS ON FAST AND FURIOUS- “KISS MY A**!” From Fox, via Dean James, AMERICAS FREEDOM FIGHTERS – WASHINGTON – Emails obtained by the Associated Press reveal that Eric Holder really doesn’t have any remorse for the damage he […]

The corrupt and incompetent Obama administration has made a complete mockery of the American justice system

New Evidence in Fast and Furious Scandal Reveals Why Eric Holder and Valerie Jarrett Should Both be in Jail From Matthew Burke, TPNN New evidence obtained by government watchdog group, Judicial Watch, reveal that Obama’s most trusted and loyal adviser, […]

Eric Holder Promises to Investigate Himself and Send Himself to Prison

….And take your friends with you! From Daniel Greenfield, Front Page Mag Attorney General Eric Holder didn’t just kill 300 Mexicans, he also killed irony. And to consider a series of new federal laws imposing tough penalties on gun traffickers […]

Eric Holder is sending educators to Ferguson, Missouri to teach cops how to NOT be racists.

By Thomas Madison The first three rules of How to Not Be a Racist 101: 1. Never question a black person who is obstructing traffic. That is racist. 2. Never question a black person who fits the description of a […]

Wait…. what?! Eric Holder orders additional autopsy on Michael Brown.

By Thomas Madison How does the federal government have jurisdiction in this case? How can the Department of Justice step in and arbitrarily hi-jack a local law enforcement case in which it has no apparent jurisdiction? I understand the PC […]

Ted Nugent: Eric Holder is the one who belongs in a Mexican jail….

  by Ted Nugent, WND Let’s play “Logic Hunter,” shall we? We must be very, very stealthy, maximize our level of awareness and finely tune our predator radar for maximum blipping, for the spoor of the elusive beast is oftentimes indiscernible […]

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