Remember Blazing Saddles? Wasn’t it great to be completely free of political correctness, to be able to laugh at and with each other without being offended? To poke fun at our own quirky culture and history?

When, not if, Donald Trump makes it to the White House, and political correctness goes bye-bye, maybe we can have fun again, enjoy our diversity without having to walk around with zippered pie holes all the time.

Imagine gays not being all demanding and in-your-face 24/7, just in-the-closet interior decorators and hairdressers again.

Imagine the outrageously funny movies that are going to spotlight the Clinton era. Heck, there should be a politically incorrect series of movies AND a politically incorrect sitcom. We’ll call it “The Clintons!”

Imagine an episode from the politically incorrect sitcom, “The Clintons.” In this scene the actor playing the characterless character, Slick Willie, applies for a dangerous job….