Stick a fork in Steve Bannon’s career at Breitbart. It is DONE! Bannon OUT at Breitbart!

Steve Bannon’s tenure at the White House was marked with staff disunion and dysfunction. The senior staffer was often witnessed screaming at fellow staffers in total meltdown over not having gotten his way. “Compromise” was apparently a word and a concept foreign to him.

Butthurt hothead Steve Bannon slams President Trump and family in a new book. President’s response is what you would expect – scorched earth!

There’s a new soap opera in the making – a grody, self-important White House staffer gets fired for being a prick, not getting along with anyone, causing constant turmoil, and throwing frequent tantrums, insisting it is his way or no way. Now he is a disgruntled ex-employee obsessed with reprisal.

VIDEO: Steve Bannon may be launching his own news channel. He has the backing and support

Bannon is considering starting up his own news channel. He has the backing and support to pull it off successfully, and may now have a core of household names to build his team around.

Bannon is still a Trump soldier, vowing to continue the fight against President Trump’s Democrat, media, Rino, and corporate enemies

Bannon is far more valuable to the president from his position at Breitbart than he was in the White House. He can now attack President Trump’s enemies without interference from politically correct, finger-in-the-wind beltway lifers and nepotists.