Listen to Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s soapbox soliloquy, prompted by a call from Mary, a Cuban immigrant who gets it, who rightly fears for President Trump’s life, who understands the difference between a socialist dictatorship, which is what the left is advocating, and America, which the left hates for no reason other than they are free to voice their hatred, a God-given freedom guaranteed by our Constitution. Most man-on-street interviews asking liberal protesters what they hate about America, can only parrot liberal talking points – “America is racist,” “capitalism is evil,” “Trump is Hitler,” “America is sexist,” yada, yada.

Rather than cherishing and understanding their freedom to be blind and clueless as a miraculous gift from a nation whose founders established that nation upon the principle and ideal of individual liberty, liberals endeavor to use that precious liberty as a club to kill that nation, that Constitution, and the fragile individual liberty which permits their blindness to injure us all.

I wish I knew how to get the undivided attention of all liberals for ten minutes to hear this audio, to really listen to Gorka’s words. How many of them would understand and become patriots?

Because liberalism is a philosophy of the blind, I am guessing that not many would get it, but if even one came away from listening to Gorda’s soapbox soliloquy with a changed mind and a changed heart and could and would influence other liberals, it would be worth it.

How can liberals be so blind? How can they simply not understand the goodness and greatness of America? How can they see the effect of socialist dictatorships in places like Cuba and Venezuela and North Korea and the former Soviet Union and not understand the misery they have caused?

I was not born in a socialist dictatorship, yet I understand this fully? Why? Could it be because I am such a lover of history or could it be my time in the Army seeing how people live in other parts of the world?

I believe both play¬†a part in my “getting it,” but more than anything, I believe the same Divine Providence that brought President Trump to the White House brought Powdered Wig to the new alt. media in 2013. Notwithstanding the efforts of the powerful liberals at Facebook, Twitter, and Google, we are still functioning.

Our revenue is a fraction of the revenue we enjoyed before the election of President Trump and the ensuing Facebook/Twitter/Google blitzkrieg which began in earnest in January 2017, but, despite their best efforts to censor us and demonetize us into bankruptcy, we have survived.

We have Powdered Wig’s loyal followers to thank for that, and please understand that we are grateful beyond my poor ability to express in print.

Thank you all so very much for reading Powdered Wig. You are responsible for our survival.

Obama had just been reelected in 2013 and hopelessness in America was palpable. Our president was doing all he could to destroy our country. He was apologizing for America overseas. He was supporting terrorists. He was bowing to Muslim leaders overseas. By all appearances, he hated America. Powdered Wig was begun as a pure protest to Barack Hussein, his incompetence, his corruption, his lies, and his manifest hatred for our country.

Dr. Gorka and his caller, Mary, understand completely the goodness and greatness of America and the abject misery and hopelessness of those forced to live in a socialist dictatorship.

Please, forward this article with Dr. Gorka’s soapbox soliloquy to one liberal you know. Who knows, he or she may actually get it!