VIDEO: Cory Booker is a sh!thole

Guess what, Cory, the Secretary of Homeland Security does not work for you, so you finding her answers “unacceptable” is meaningless. I’m sure she’s laughing about your “tough guy” routine as hard as I am. Bottom line – Secretary Nielsen doesn’t give a sh!thole about you.

San Francisco is a sh!thole. No, really, the most human poop on the streets than any city in the US. They even have a map showing where not to step

San Francisco is a shithole. Literally! That’s right, the liberal weenie Mecca, run by Democrats forever, the cultural center of liberal philosophy, San Francisco is a shithole with more human defecation per square foot on its streets than any city in America.

VIDEO: “Nigeria is a sh!thole country,” says Nigerian immigrant to the US. Shhhh, don’t you know the truth is not allowed in America, you RACIST!?

Photo, above: This man hates black people! Or, so the liberal weenies claim who label anyone a RACIST who refers to a predominately black country as a “shithole.”

Dick Durbin suddenly doesn’t know exactly what word President Trump used in reference to Haiti, but he is sure it was BAD!

Americans agree with that whether President Trump said it or not. Heck, Haitians agree with that or they wouldn’t be piling a dozen people on a car hood every ten minutes to row to Miami. It is YOU who is out of touch, Senator, not President Trump or the American people.

VIDEO: Guest sends MSNBC host into convulsions for suggesting the Clintons may be murderers

“We’re not going to play the game of rolling out crazy conspiracy theories in the answers to my questions…. So I am going to let you pause for a minute, I’m going to put you to the side for just a moment and go to my other guests because they are more familiar with the way that we do things here.”

Senators Cotton And Perdue, both present in the meeting, confirm that President Trump did not use the word ‘sh!thole.’ Cotton calls Durbin a liar

Dick Durbin is a liar! So say two highly credible Republican senators, Tom Cotton and David Perdue, both of whom were present in the meeting with President Trump during which Durbin claims the President referred to Haiti, El Salvador, and African countries as “shitholes.”

Liberal weenies project “SH!THOLE” above the entrance to the DC Trump hotel

Yes, the ever-loving and tolerant left is up to their ever-loving and tolerant hypocrisy again. The word “shithole” was projected onto President Trump’s D.C. hotel Saturday.