As promised, Sarah Sanders baked one of her homemade chocolate pecan pies and gave it to April Ryan, the White House correspondent who challenged Sanders during the Thanksgiving holiday by suggesting that the pie Sanders posted on Twitter, claiming it was homemade, was actually store bought.

Doubling down on her suspicion, even once gifted one of Sanders’ homemade chocolate pecan pies, Ryan snidely suggested that Sanders is a liar: “But, wait a minute,” Ryan remarked. “You said you had a chocolate pecan pie,” not quite bright enough to understand that the chocolate is under the pecans.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has effectively put pie-gate to rest, believes BizPac Review.

In what serves as a perfect encapsulation of the absurdity of the coverage the Trump administration often sees from the media, Sanders found herself locked in a feud with reporter April Ryan over pies, but the president’s spokesperson brought the tussle to a proper conclusion on Thursday.

Ryan, White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, questioned a claim by Sanders that she baked pies for Thanksgiving and upon bringing Thursday’s press briefing to a close, the press secretary had a message for the reporter.

“I just want to say thanks, have a good week, and April, I am looking forward to having some pie with you momentarily,” Sanders said.

Sanders would then hand delivered home-baked pies to the White House press area.

Not that Sanders lost her sense of humor, as she hilariously trolled Ryan while in the process of baking the pies.

Sanders had a pie for Ryan, which proved to be an olive branch to all members of the press, who have, at times, had a rocky relationship with the no-nonsense presidential spokesperson.

“This is our reset, not just for me but for all of us,” Ryan said.

Sanders and Ryan had an interesting exchange, which was captured on video.

“I can’t believe you would question my ability to bake a pie,” Sanders told Ryan to her face.

“It was a joke,” Ryan protested. “In the beginning, it was a joke!”

“I’m from the south!” Sanders replied.

“So what, you can be from the south and you can’t cook. A lot of people can’t cook,” the reporter countered.