Hurling lies and insults, David Hogg dares Alex Jones to debate him. Jones accepts, inviting Hogg onto his show. Hog declines, runs and hides

Like all liberal weenies who have been called out, Hogg, knowing he couldn’t defend his ridiculous position, declined the invitation. After all the tough guy threats, lies, and insults, Chickenlittleshit ran and hid.

The Broward police captain who gave the command to stage outside the school while kids were being slaughtered inside has been identified

he first photos have been released of the Broward County police captain who gave the command to deputies on site to stage outside the school while the killer was busy slaughtering kids inside the Parkland, Florida high school on Valentine’s Day, ordering them instead to set up a perimeter outside.

VIDEO: Wow! Four more HUGE red flags in the Parkland school massacre and they all point to Sheriff Israel!

The deputies who were at the school while the massacre was underway have reported that they were ordered to not enter the building without bodycams, and they didn’t have bodycams.

Wow! Florida EMT says he was not allowed to go in: “Law enforcement did not clear the scene and would not allow medical personnel to go in”

What the hell is going on here? “Law enforcement,” which had to be Broward Sheriff Scott Israel as he had command jurisdiction over the site, prevented first responders from entering the building and treating students who were likely bleeding out?